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Daniel Enrique Delgado Schlick (a.k.a D2)

Daniel Enrique Delgado Schlick (a.k.a D2)

Born in Caracas, Venezuela on December the 1st, 1982, son of Gerda Schlick (Photographer) and Carlos Delgado (Musician) since very early age Dan, showed interest in music and show business, started drawing drum kits before he could even put his hands on one. Only until around the age of eleven, started playing since ‘94 back in Venezuela when his dad brought home a drum kit and showed me the basics of learning, building it and playing. Two weeks later he was called to join a punk cover band from school (Green Day, The Offspring styles) after that, had a couple more bands with neighbours, such as The Blue Shirts, an original rock glam Pierrot and singing in the Procter & Gamble choir on the side, played in a grunge band, a few cover bands and then went seriously gigging and recording with original local metal bands like K1ND3R, then a Techno-Latin-Metal called TOTEM for over 5 years where they toured nation wide and recorded over 12 songs. Then formed another metal band called Ashes (@ashesmetal), whilst playing covers with his new drum teacher (Ricardo Chacin @ricardochacindrums) every weekend, doing a few gigs with an Emo band, with an industrial band called Siva Black, then moved to Liverpool in 2009 and recorded a few tracks and interviews at LIPA, played a couple of months with a heavy metal band, then went back to Venezuela and got offered to participate in a video shoot for a single “Mi Nina Hechicera” by 7 Angels (@7angels1), then touring with a Rap Metal band called Psycho Squad (@psychosquad). In 2014 moved back to the Liverpool where he played in a few cover bands, open mics and recorded and gigged with an Indie band called The Juveniles, then with the psychedelic rock band Ayawaska (@ayawaska_uk) then played original rock with The Djinns, then started giggin seriously around Liverpool’s music famous places like “Parr St Studio2” and “The Jacaranda” with punk rock band Post War Wage Slaves, then with Brit-rock Northern Revelation (@northernrevelation) were we gigged a lot more often in venues like Parr St. Studio 2, The Cavern, The Jacaranda, Jimmy’s just until the “Lockdown” in 2020... then folk with Day Ruddock (@ruddock.vx) and Apache (@apachebandagram) then played covers with an international long distance cover band called Etéreo (@etereoofficial). Recorded a few other singles with different artists, from Drum & Bass: Suzie Doll (@suedolli), The Night Shift, to lofi with music producer Abraham Simosa (@mestreproduce) in Chile, and a few others like Roming Calderon (@romingcalderon) Leo Molina (@_zombieface) Alejandra Butureira (@alebutu) in Spain, and Alejandro Meneses (@menesesale). Recently he started working remotely with Jose Angel Prieto in a new concept called Muerte Azul (@muereazulado). D2 has done a few albums as an experimental artist doing different genres; check him out on Soundcloud and Youtube.

“I love playing drums, I feel it’s an extension of my soul”



Instagram: @d2thedrummer

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/d2drums6

YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/d2drums6

SoundCloud: www.soundcloud.com/d2drummer
Twitter: @d2drums6

My Soultone Set: 

Extreme 6" Splash
NOA 13" Hi Hats
NOA 16" Crash
NOA 19" Ride