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Cristian Pizzolato

Cristian Pizzolato

Los Huckleberrys / Independent

Cristian Pizzolato was born in Quilmes, Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1980

He started to play drums by himself at 12.
A few years later, he studied with Adrian Yori where he developed his technic & music reading.
He plays as a sesionist drummer at live and studio performances since he was 16 years old, playing with a long list of local bands of different genres.
At 19, he starts studies of sound technician.
Currently, he teaches drums and studio recording classes, has his own studio (LP Estudio) where he works as a sound engineer, producer & musical arranger and is a permanent member of several musical proyects as a drummer & as a live sound operator.
Now is the drummer of LOS HUCKLEBERRYS.

My Soultone Set: 

22" Crash/Ride "Vintage Old School - 1964
15" Hi Hats "Vintage Old School -1964
20" Crash "Custom"
18" Crash "Custom"