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Craig Loveless

Craig Loveless

Craig was born in 1974 and grew up in a little town in Indiana called Russiaville. At the age of 4 everyone he came in contact with knew he was a lover of music. In grade school he started out playing the saxophone but as time went on, the percussion section looked a lot more inviting. Just out of high school Craig took up guitar. In 1997 Craig stopped spending his money and time on the guitar and purchased his first drum set. Playing every Sunday in a small church he quickly realized that drumming for the Lord was a great passion. He also hooked up with a few other musicians to form the band Keyless Entry. In 2004 Craig, his wife and two boys decided to move to a larger church. There he began to play in a rotation of three other more experienced drummers. This made him push himself to gain more knowledge for the drums. Watching as many drummers from as many DVDs that he could find and playing when anyone asked him to play, he started getting noticed by others.

In 2005 Craig was asked to join a Christian rock band called Falling Higher. Getting as many gigs as they could get, they soon realized that they needed a CD of their work. So in 2007, they went to Sweetwater studios to make the EP entitled Wooden Boy. They quickly put together a small tour to support the CD roaming throughout the mid west. Wooden Boy got them noticed by a label out of Oklahoma, Tate Music Group, which led to their first full-length album called State of Dismay in 2009.

Craig signed on as an endorser for Risen Drums in 2007, an endorser of Silverfox Drum Sticks in 2008, and proudly signed on as an endorser of Soultone Cymbals in 2009. He displays these names with great pride in the products he uses to glorify God.

Thanks to Keith Anderson (Risen Drums), Jeff Harrington (Silverfox Drum Sticks/Soultone cymbals).

Thank you Iki for allowing me to be a part of the Soultone family. These cymbals sound so amazing!!