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Courtney Parker

Courtney Parker

Venomous Fiction

Born and raised in the sunshine state, Florida drummer Courtney Parker has been making noise since before she knew the alphabet. Starting with a Muppet Baby kit at age four, Parker made a spiteful commitment to her craft after suffering the destruction of her instruments at the hands of her sister. It’s said that suffering makes great art, and this musician has proven that nothing will stop her from pursuing her passion.

Fate stepped in at age eight, when Parker was diagnosed with juvenile diabetes, prompting her parents to support her music in lieu of contact sports. Once she got her hands on her first real kit at age 10, it was obvious that her destiny was with the drums. Beginning at age 14, the self-taught Parker played with a succession of metal and punk bands, broadening her musical knowledge and influence.

At the prime of her life, Parker brings the same savage energy to her current gig, the metal five-piece Venomous Fiction. Sponsored by Coldcock Whiskey, Venomous Fiction hails from Okeechobee, FL, and is invading the airwaves of a swamp near you.