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Cory Goonan was born in the Queens, NY to a drummer father. At the very young age of 5 he started playing along to Kiss records on buckets. Now at the age of 35, some of his past bands are Juniper Sky (Textbook Music), One Second Thought (Cartel records), and the Last Year (Goodlife Records). He's also released several albums, toured the US, Europe, Puerto Rico and the UK, as well as played along side such bands as Anthrax, Atreyu, Madball, Heaven shall burn, All Out War, and God Forbid to name a few.

His current project someonElse are releasing their third album on May 4th called rEvolution: The Summoning Wars Part 1, which was recorded live.

Drums used: 8x7 Tom, 10x7 Tom, 12x9 Tom, 14x11 Tom, 16x13 Tom, 22x22 Kick Drum, 14x5.5 Snare, and 12x6 snare

Hardware used: Gibraltar and Pearl

My Soultone Set: 

8" Extreme Splash
10" Extreme Splash
16" Custom Brilliant Crash
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
20" Custom Brilliant RA Crash/Ride
22" Extreme Ride
18" Custom Brilliant China
14" Custom Brilliant Hi-Hats
6" bell