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Corey Newsom

Bloodline Riot / Nothing For Now

Born November 29th, 1990 Corey has been drumming nonstop since he was twelve years old. He's played/plays for multiple successful regional bands and is always working up the ladder of the industry. Currently Corey plays for the bands Bloodline Riot and Nothing For Now. "I just want to do this for a living and ever since I picked up a pair of sticks, that thought has never changed". Raised on rock and taught his first baby steps on the drums by his father, Corey started gigging with local acts at thirteen. His favorite genres are rock, metal, fusion, and R&B, however, he appreciates all styles of music and hears everything as a potential influence. Out of the Soultone lines, Corey really loves the Natural, Vintage, and Extreme cymbals. "I love dark trashy cymbals that cut, are very musical, and can be used in multiple musical situations. That's why I love Soultone, I get the sound I've always wanted out of each cymbal." Here are some places you can find out more regarding Corey's work.

Personal Youtube Page

Bloodline Riot Official Website

Bloodline Riot Official Facebook

Nothing For Now Official Facebook

Nothing For Now - No Love Here
Death of a Hero - From the Ashes

My Soultone Set: 

22" Prototype Ride Natural
19" Prototype Crash Natural
18" FX "FXO 6"
19" CHINA "Extreme"
19" Crash "Vintage"
15" Prototype Hi Hats Natural
19" CHINA "Vintage"
20" Crash "Vintage"