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Cody Smith

Cody Smith

Red Pillars, Anenta, From 6 To Midnight

Cody began drumming and developing his style at the age of 11 in Fullerton, California when he joined the orchestra band in middle school. With less than half a year into his musical education, he had quickly picked up a knack for rudiments on the snare drum. After a brief period of success he unfortunately was removed from the school orchestra band. The professor took a disliking to the “obnoxious” method Cody had developed and mentioned that he was a “cancer to the band”. As a result, Smith’s parents decided to get him a drum set for Christmas in 2003. From there on, Smith dove head first into the world of drumming. Influenced early on by artists like System Of A Down and Lamb of God, to progressive rock legends Rush and Yes, he continues to immerse himself in a wide variety of genres. YouTube lessons and other various drumming videos helped to guide the development of his playing over the years. With that, Smith formed his unique style that incorporates progressive rock, traditional metal and death metal, as well as experimental sounds influenced by IDM and drum and bass artists. These artists include Aphex Twin, Squarepusher and Venetian Snares. If you were to ask Cody what his favorite genre of music is, you won’t normally get a direct answer because his mood is what drives the music he listens to. Currently, Smith performs in multiple projects. His primary band "Red Pillars” based in Orange County, touches on Prog, Psychedelic, and experimental "math rock" styles. His other projects include Los Angeles-based “From 6 To Midnight” and a newly-formed, international progressive death metal collaboration group entitled “Anenta”. With 16 years of drumming and musical influence, you won’t find many other drummers in the common fold that are able to tastefully utilize so many styles at once to achieve a unique approach to any musical setting.

My Soultone Set: 

22" Signature Explosion Dry Heavy Mega Bell Ride
14" Extreme Wave Hi Hat
17" Custom Brilliant China
10" Explosion Splash
08" Explosion Splash
18" Custom Crash
13" Custom Hi Hat Pair
19" Custom Brilliant Crash
14" Extreme China