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Clayton Thomas III was born in Idaho Falls, Idaho.Clayton's first time playing on a drum set was when he was 3 and his older brother Van lived with him. His brother kept a drum set in the house and Clayton would play on it for fun. Van made a huge impact on his life and got him interested in music. He officially started drumming at the age of 12 in 7th grade, when he signed up for percussion in band. After his first semester in 7th grade, he received his first drumset for Christmas. He then started recording himself playing along to songs that played on the radio. He would mimic the beats he heard on the songs. By 8th grade, he created a YouTube channel and began uploading videos. He started playing the drums at his church after they lost their drummer. He pursued band and drumming through out middle school into high school. He would always take the opportunity to play in front of a crowd. During sophomore year, he won 1st place in the talent show with a local band he created. He joined the marching band drum line at Skyline High School and became one of the drummers for the Skyline High School Jazz Band. By his senior year, he was co-captain/lead tenors for the high school drum line. After graduating, he started attending University of Idaho and joined the marching band. Clayton as been able to help teach other school's drumlines and as had the opportunity to help provide music for a professional dance instructor at a local dance studio in Idaho Falls. Clayton now plays for Journey Church, Bridge Bible Fellowship Church, Idaho CRU, and the University of Idaho Vandal Marching Band. Clayton's biggest influences are Jonathan "Sugarfoot" Moffett (Michael Jackson), Nick Smith (Snoop Dogg), Carter Beauford (Dave Mathews Band), Ron Allen, Aaron Spears (Usher), Tony Royster Jr. (Jay-Z), Benny Greb, and Gerald Heyward (Chris Brown).

My Soultone Set: 

14'' Moffett Hi Hats
8'' Custom Brilliant Splash
10'' Custom Brilliant Splash/10" Custom Brilliant China Stack
12" Custom Brilliant RA Splash
16" Custom Brilliant RA Crash
17" Custom Brilliant RA Crash
18" Custom Brilliant RA Crash
18" C-Custom Crash
18" Custom Brilliant RA China
22'' Custom Brilliant Ride