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Chucky Casella - TESTER

Chucky Casella - TESTER

I started his musical journey when I was 4 and heard the words “you wanted the best, you got the best the hottest band in the world-KISS.” I knew at that moment that was what I wanted to do with my life. Shortly after I asked my folks for a drum set and they got me a guitar because you can “turn that down” instead. I was cool with that but at the age of 10 I asked if I got a paper route can I buy my own kit, they said yes. So as I tossed those papers around to pay for my kit, my brother (in a situation very similar to Van Halen) started playing my guitar. Well that’s the beginning of the next chapter in this story but to make a long story short I got my kit and life changed. There was nothing I wanted to do more than play, hell to this day it’s the only thing I want to do. I Played in some high school bands and upon graduating high school I got into my first “professional band”- Midnight Angel ( hey it was 1991). Eventually that line up changed and my brother Tony came in and became lead guitar, and then eventually lead vocals. We are called Tester now and have shared the stage with S.O.D., Static X, Primus, Staind, Slipknot, Dropkick Murphy’s and even more recently the most important band in my life –Kiss.

Over the years I have tried many brands of cymbals and I am stoked to have become a part of the Soultone family.

My weapons of mass destruction are as follows:

Silverfox Drums sticks

Tama Silverstar drums and tama hardware