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Christopher Kelley grew up around music. With a father who was the lead singer of a successful touring band that shard the stage with Travis Tritt, Marty Stuart, Steve wariner, and countless others, Christopher watched, listened, and learned the ins and outs of the music business from his father, Dennis Kelley, and his band, Firecreek. Christopher developed a passion for drums early on. He received his first drum set at 11 years old and played his first live show at 13, filling in for his dad's drummer and opening for country star Randy Travis. "Trial by fire, let me tell ya" Christopher remembers. It was then the passion for live performing was evident.

Christopher recorded his first full-length release for an up and coming christian rock band, Freeslave in 2003. After that initial session time, Christopher, who was already a sought-after live drummer, became a highly- regarded session musician. While touring with Austin, Texas rock band Freeslave, Christopher was approached by newcomer to the Texas scene Lance Wade Thomas to record on his freshman cd. After that recording, Christopher spent 3 years touring and performing with Lwt, sharing the stage with some of the biggests artists in the genre .While touring, Christopher also tracked drums for several artists around the state. After Lwt, Christopher had brief stints with several artisst as a fill in before landing full time with The Jessie Howeth Band, a rocking, up and coming band tearing up the scene.

Since then, Kelley has been exposed to countless professional drummers across the country that he not only respects and admires, but he calls mentors and friends .Drummers like Tommy Lee (Motley Crue) Les Lawless (Randy Rogers Band) Ken Tondre (Kevin Fowler) Rich Redmond (Jason Aldean) and Brooks Robinson (Wade Bowen). Kelley has developed a style and showmanship all his own, and it's this style and passion for performing, creativity, and driving the band that has made him one of the most sought after and respected drummers around.

In 2010, Kelley joined Brad Rice (Jason Boland and the Stragglers), Will Denton (the Janedear Girls), and his own first cousin Jon Kelley (A Change of Pace) in endorsing Shine Custom Drums. He also was offered and proudly endorses Soultone Custom Cymbals, owned by the legendary Iki Levy. His last touring kit, a Usa Custom Kit in Platinum Mist sparkle, along with a full line of Soultone's Gospel and Extreme Series can be scene on tour with the Jessie Howeth Band, ABC's Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad bad boy reality star and 45 records recording artist Wes Hayden, Lwt, Jeremy Lynn Woodall and countless other Texas artists recordings and radio stations.

While on the road, Kelley enjoys putting on a show that the artists and the fans have come to love an expect. "I love the compliments i get from various artists and drummers on my performances, but i REALLY love making the fans go wild!" says Kelley. “It's my job to entertain, and i love doing it! Throwing sticks in the air, spinning, standing up during drum solos.... ect .... I LIVE to entertain!" He muses.

From filling in with his father's band as a teenager, to playing several shows a year with an array of artists, Christopher feels that he has finally come into his own... "I spent years trying to emulate other drummers, learning my craft. Now i just do me and it's working out! I love to play, I love the fans, and I can't imagine a better way to express myself!"

My Soultone Set: 

21" Ride "Gospel"
14" Hi Hats "Gospel"
18" Crash "Gospel"
18" Crash "Extreme"
16" Crash "Extreme"