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Christian Whittington was born in Lexington, North Carolina and spent all of his growing years living between Winston Salem and Greensboro. During these years, he became interested in music at the early age of 11 before ultimately finding his passion in drumming thanks to his freshman year in a high school marching band. This introduction and education gave him coordination, structure, and an understanding of rhythm. Later, Christian would begin to teach himself further and improve his craft by playing along to songs he was familiar with. He found influence in bands like Rise Against, A Day to Remember, Streetlight Manifesto and The Offspring early on and, later, would find influence and inspiration in genres outside of his punk rock niche; the profound lyricism in rappers like Aesop Rock and Spose, the beauty and timelessness of Frank Sinatra’s music, and the passion and drive of other local scenes moved him.
This was the incipience to many artistic experiences and performances Christian Whittington has lived. He played in a punk band named 40oz Mouse for 3 years (later coined FOZMO) before moving on to play for a band named Home for the Day in 2018. During his time with FOZMO, he began playing in such venues as Arizona Pete’s and Amos’ Southend. He, in his words, experienced the honor of opening for world touring artists like Spill Canvas, Four Year Strong, Dangerkids, and Icon for Hire. In March of 2019, his time with Home for the Day presented him with the opportunity to play with SHIM (formerly of Sick Puppies) at the Blind Tiger. During a portion of his time in Home for the Day, Christian picked up a side gig playing in Charlotte Outfit, The Fill Ins, departing from the group just shy of two years at the beginning of 2021.
Home for the Day is currently using Twitter to allow a couple bands to come in every couple of weeks to play a live stream concert to anyone who wants to watch. All money raised from these live stream concerts is being donated to different charities over the course of the year.
All of this work, craft, passion, and travel culminates into a simple half hour on stage. This is where Christian Whittington is happiest.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Heavy Hammered Hi Hats
17" Natural Prototype Crash
18" Heavy Hammered Crash
21" Heavy Hammered Ride
14" Extreme China/15" FXO Crash Stack