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My passion for drumming is in my blood. My dad was a jazz drummer and inspired me to take up the drums by the time I was ten years old. I still have my father’s business card from his drumming days with The Blue Note. Drumming has been my sanctity in good times and in bad. My early inspiration included Neil Peart and Liberty DeVitto but my philosophy is you learn from everyone you meet. Anyone who picks up a pair of sticks and hits the drums is an influence, no matter what level. No one is better than anyone else, we are all just at different levels. I enjoy sharing my love of music with others, whether on stage with country rock band Hillbilly Parade or at home with my daughter who has been playing for about three years. One recent project that has allowed me to share my music on a wider scale has been drum videos on my YouTube channel on which I do the drumming, sound, filming, editing and production. I’m truly fulfilling a dream with these projects. I never wanted to be that guy who says, “I used to play the drums.”

There is nothing I enjoy more than touring with the band. We play primarily at venues in the Northeast. We play Top 40 Country Rock covers and a selection of originals. I've recently been endorsed by Soultone Cymbals and XCEL Drum Sticks.

My Soultone Set: 

19" Custom Brilliant Crash
12" FXO 6 Splash
21" Explosion Ride
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
14" Explosion Hi Hats Pair

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