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Christian Cartagena

Christian Cartagena lives in Richmond, Virginia born into hispanic roots. He first started playing drums around the age of 11 at his local church group. Mostly self taught but had a lot help from his fellow guitarist, Jose Palencia. His father pushed him into music when he got his very first drum-set to start learning at home. It was a red Tama Imperial Star 5 piece drum-set with Sabian B8 cymbals. Around 2014 Christian along with a group called NPA Band (Nacidos Para Alabar) had their first big opening event for Alfareros in D.C. and from that moment his eyes opened up to realize he wanted be a better worshipper and drummer for God. Some of the drummers that have inspired him include: Hennessy Hernandez, Kiyoshi Ijichi, Hiroshi Iwasaki, Moises Soto, Timmy Jones, Travis Nunn, and Steve Jordan and many more. Currently he’s with NPA Band but, also form a small trio with his fellow former band mates Jose Palencia and Rene Reyes. They hope their new sound can reach out to others to follow Jesus.

Christian usually plays along to rock, pop, reggae/cumbia, merengue (if he has a guiro) and meditation. He is a humble soul and exciting to play with. He offers nothing but the best in show performances and allows others the ability to see how much he can offer in playing. Christian plays with passion, charisma and plays every song as if it were his last.

Band/Artist played with:

NPA Band (current band)

Javier Maldonado

Palencia Band

My Soultone Set: 

Extreme Set:

8” FXO Splash

10” Splash

14” Hit-Hat

16” Crash

18” Crash

20” Ride

16” FXO China