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Chris Wombat Womble

Chris *Wombat* Womble: Drums, Percussion, Songwriter:
Chris has been a drummer since he was seven. His uncle Lance Fuqua, a studio session drummer based in Phoenix, AZ. gave him his first lesson and the juices just flowed from there. Schooled and trained, Chris played in his schools concert band. After high school he ventured down south to study drums full time. Chris graduated from Music School, has been signed by two major record labels, several independent labels and has toured the world several times. Synapse, Snake Alley, ACE, Milestone, Dysinformation, Agents Of Chaos are some of Chris's past groups. Chris is currently the Drummer/Percussionist/Songwriter and Founder in the group "One Gun Shy". Look for their 3rd release coming in early 2016. Chris’s major influence is All Drummers! Although if he had to single out a few it would be John Bonham, Terry Bozzio, Carmine Appice, Tommy Lee and Shannon Larkin would be at the top of the list! The Drummer Drives! Chris has shared Stages and Legs of Tours with Aldo Nova, Eddie Money, Quiet Riot, Night Ranger, Great White, Dokken, Missing Persons, Foghat, Steppenwolf, Love Hate, Smile Empty Soul, Madlife, The Dreaming, Just to name a few… So don’t forget to catch Chris and “One Gun Shy” Rocking at a Venue near you!

Chris uses: Sonor Drums, Sonor/Medicine Man/Ludwig Snare Drums, Soultone Cymbals Brilliant Custom Series/ Sonor, Gibraltar/ DW Hardware/ Aquarian Drumheads/ Humes and Berg Cases/ Ahead Drumsticks/ Cympad/ Pintech/ Alesis/ Audix/ Gorilla Ears/ Porter & Davies/ KickPort/ Trick/EV/ Dirtbag/ Affliction/ Puma/ Wornstar/ Harley Davidson and Rock Revival products.

Chris’s Sonor Kits include:

*Sonor Lite in Crème White Lacquer:
2-16” x 26” Kick Drums, 2-18” x 24” Kick Drums 1- 16”x 20” Gong Bass Drum, 1- 11” x 12” Rack Tom, 1-12” x 13” Rack Tom. 1-13” x 14” Rack Tom, 1-15” x 16” Floor Tom, 1-17” x 18” Floor Tom, 1- 8” x 14” Sonor LD557 Snare Drum
*Sonor Designer Series Maple in Custom Black Diamond Plate Finish:
2-17.5”x 24” Kick Drums, 1-9”x12” Rack Tom, 1-10” x 13” Rack Tom, 1-16”x16” Floor Tom, 1-16” x18” Floor Tom, 1-6”x24” Octabon, 1-6.5”x14” Designer Maple Snare Drum
*Sonor Performers in Gloss Black:
2-16”x22” Kick Drums, 1-11”x12” Rack Tom, 1-12”x13” Rack Tom, 1-15”x16” Floor Tom, 1-19”x18” Floor Tom, 1-6.5” x 14” Chrome Snare Drum
Various Snare Drums:
1-6”x14” Sonor Artist Bronze Black, 1-8”x14” Sonor DC Bronze Signature, 1-8"x14" SQ2 Chrome/Beech, 1-8”x14” Sonor Phonic D508, 1-8"x14" Sonor Phonic Creme Lacquer
1-6.5”x14” Hammered Ludwig Black Beauty, 1-7.5” x14” Medicineman Custom Wombat Snare Drum

All Drums Include *Humes And Berg Enduro Cases
Cymbal Vaults and Hardware Coffins:
*Soultone Cymbals:
Custom Brilliant Series: 8”, 10” 12” Splashes, 16” 17” 18” 19” 20” Medium Crashes, 19” FXO Crash
Chinas: 16" FXO China, 18”, 20”, 24” Heavy Ride 14” Wave 15” Hi-Hats
Effects Bells: 5” 7” 9” Chinese Flip, 6”
36” Gong
1-18" Custom-1-19" Custom Wombat Cymbal
Chris is currently endorsed with:
*Cympad USA- Contact Reto Hirschi
*Humes & Berg- Contact Michael Berg
*Ahead Drumsticks- Contact Wayne Wilburn
*Aquarian Drumheads- Contact Chris Brady
*Soultone Cymbals-Contact Iki Levy
*Kickport-Contact-Paula Bradman-Sononberg
*MedicineMan Custom Snare Drums
-Contact Dana Scheney
*Gorilla Ears- Custom In Ear Monitors
-Contact Alan Newton
*Dirtbag Clothing-Contact-Dirtbag John
*Porter And Davies-Contact Dil Davies
*Pintech Electronics-Contact-Ryan Guard
*Sweet Spots-Contact Scott Watts
*Audix-Contact-Lofty Whitaker
*Anvil-Contact Joe Calzone

One Gun Shy:
*Lime & Dime Records/Seattle, Wa.
*CMG Music Marketing & Promotion/Phoenix, Az.
*Check out "Chambered Round (Official) HD" by One Gun Shy -

Copyright 2015

My Soultone Set: 

Custom Brilliant Series:
8” 10” 12” Splash
16” 17” 18” 19” 20” Medium Crashes, 20" Explosion Crash
19” FXO Crash
16" FXO China, 18” 20” China
24” Heavy Ride, 22" Explosion Ride
14” 15” Wave Hi-Hats
5” 7” 9” Effects Bells, Chinese Flip, 6”
36” Gong