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Chris Phillips

"I think this sets Soultone apart from a lot of other brands of cymbals"

Chris Phillips some may know as “Beef Wellington” is an American drummer that has been playing drums for the last 36 years. Playing with his best friend from high school in the band “Sweater For An Astronaut” from Eugene, Oregon. Chris was also the drummer for “Northwest Royale” his previous band (2000-2010) Northwest Royale had success touring the country as a Jagermeister sponsored band putting out 4 albums. 2015 was the start of Sweater For An Astronaut, which is a two piece band. Sweater For An Astronaut have released two E.P.’s which you can find online at all of the popular places to buy music these days.

Soultone cymbals have a very natural sound that you almost would not expect, when you look at an 18” crash depending on the finish and thickness you can almost pre determine what it’s going to sound like, with Soultone it is always surprising, I believe that is because they are handmade and that makes them naturally beautiful. I think this sets Soultone apart from a lot of other brands of cymbals.
I love Soultone cymbals for the broad spectrum of sounds that they offer in all of their cymbal lines. You can find ANY sound you are looking for. I believe that they are better because they are hand made and very natural, one of very few cymbal companies that are making them by hand. Soultone is a family of artists that support other artists. I think other drummers should give Soultone a try because they will hear and feel the love that goes into them and they will feel supported as an artist, which you may not find with some other companies.

Soultone cymbals have helped me to improve my cymbal set up, and has given me a great arsenal of different sounds which has helped improve my playing. Backed by a top notch Artist Relations team that truly remembers and cares about all of their artists, and treats them like family with open arms.

My Soultone Set: 

22” Explosion Mega Bell Ride
19” Explosion Crash
15” Explosion Crash
16” Extreme Crash
15” Extreme Hi Hats
18” Explosion China