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Chris R. Chamberlain was born in Hollywood, California and is a drummer, percussionist, and drum educator. He was given his first drumset for his 7th birthday. He joined his first professional band playing parties and fairs at the age of 13. Throughout high school he played in party bands and then bar bands.
In March, 2006, Chris got a call from a national touring act, Sumblimed - Unauthorized, and went on a 3 week, 15 state, Westen US headlining tour the next day. Chris toured for 13 years in the Western US and Internationally with Sublimed - Unauthorized, LBC - A Tribute to Sublime, and Sublimed. During that time they also headlined several festivals including X-Fest in Modesto, California, and the MTV-Rip Curl Surf and Music Festival in Biarritz, France. Sublimed also performed at several Tattoo and Cannabis Conventions around the country.
Chris has studied with Kofi Baker, Benzal Cowan, and Jake Hayden. His mentors are Freddie Gruber, David Elecciri Jr., and Daniel Lopilato. The artists that inspired Chris to be a musician are; Donna Summer, Linda Ronstadt, KISS, and RUSH.

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My Soultone Brilliant Cymbals are powerful but not overwhelming, crisp with attack like a tiger and have an easy feel when striking them almost like hitting a pillow. The tones are rich and full with just the right amount of sustain that blend perfectly with the drum kit and have a beautiful finish that makes the whole kit shine.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Custom Brilliant Hi Hat
16" Custom Brilliant Crash
17" Custom Brilliant Crash
18" Custom Brilliant Crash
20" Custom Brilliant Crash
18" Custom Brilliant China
20" Custom Brilliant China
21" Custom Brilliant Ride