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Chris Bonneau, whose full name is Christiaas Josiah Bonneau was born on September 9, 1990. Gracing the earth with his birth, he hails from the state of South Carolina, where he was born and raised. At just 9 months old, his mother noticed a strange passion for keeping time, and percussion within him. When she would watch him closely, it was then that she knew that he'd be an amazing musician one day. As he grew up, he started to demonstrate a love for more than just pots and pans. At the age of just 3 years old, he received his first drum kit. AS he continued to grow up, he played in church for years as all inner city musicians start out.
As he became a teenager, he started to reach out on social media very heavily. In 2008-2010, he fell in love with pop music as it freed his mind and provoked a brand new and infused passion for playing to up-tempo records by artists such as Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, Maroon 5, Usher, Rihanna, and many more.
In 2011, he was discovered by 3x Grammy Nominated songwriter, Robert Lamont Allen, who is responsible for co-writing Rihanna's "Disturbia" and also Chris Brown's "Forever". He's also worked with the likes of the Suga Babes, Antonique Smith, R. Kelly, and Carl Thomas, to name a few. Later on, he joined some local bands and got noticed by major manufacturing and distribution companies such as Ddrum drums, Aquarian drum heads, and Dream Cymbals. Later on that same year, leading into 2011, he got signed by musician's label, Right As Rain Music, based in Los Angeles. This led to his name being placed in high places, which eventually led to him being able to play more shows. He joined a few local bands, but because of creative, and personal differences, he decided to stay solo, and promote himself.

In 2012, he went on his first national tour. Traveling from the east to west coast and back again, he slaughtered every show along the way. However, after a fraudulent payment disagreement, he parted ways with his 2012-2013 act. He joined other local bands and played a slew of shows for the next 3 years. Drawing massive amounts of people to his shows, he's mastered the art of having stage presence, poise, power, and most of all, discipline. Just 5 days before his 25th birthday, he was discovered to have made it in the "New Blood" section of DRUM! Magazine, from which he purchased an entire year's subscription. He's recorded on 2 albums and is currently rehearsing for upcoming tours! Stay tuned! He's just getting started. He uses some of the brands in the industry such as, Diemond Star Drumsticks, TAMA Drums, Aquarian Drum Heads, Soultone Cymbals of which he's a new signed artist, KickPort, and Gibraltar Hardware.

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