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Chris Batton

In every corner of the world, there is an underground network of musicians that is recognized as the best at what they do. In the 5-state area around Pittsburgh, PA, Chris Batton has been on that list for the last several years as one of the top session and live drummers around. For more than two decades he has been honing his skills, working in every style of music, sharing the stage with dozens of national acts and playing gigs from one coast to the other in bands such as; Icarus Witch, Shere Khan and Stronghold. Gaining respect from fellow musicians in Jazz, Funk, Rock, Metal and Progressive bands, he brings each of these influences to the table with his newest project. Fusing together a brutal attack with a dynamic and syncopated feel, he challenges his band mates to be more creative and push the envelope.

Chris is more than just a drummer-he is a musician. Able to identify notes, keys and pitch of guitars and vocals, he offers each project and uncanny structuring ability that acts as an on-board producer for most of the songs written under his watch; giving each band he has ever worked with, an almost unfair advantage over the competition.

A former singer involved with Chris in a progressive metal band described him as having "….some type of audiophile computer in his head- as soon as he hears something, minutes later he's playing it. He's the best I ever worked with." Drums may be his forte, but he doesn't stop there. He is an established songwriter, producer and an excellent singer, lending powerful backing vocals to his front men. His talents also reach outside the music industry, making appearances on local and National TV as a top finalist for the Pillsbury Bake-off, as seen on the Food Network in front of Millions of viewers.

Stage presence is no less amazing, and he makes sure that even without the mobility, people will know he's there and remember him for a long time to come. Finding new and innovative ways to interact with both his band and the audience seems to be an ever-growing passion for him.

His fans given him a "4-I" rating. Intense, Insane, Incredible, and Innovative. Current band members have commented on how fortunate they are to have such a gifted talent behind the drums, but do feel he is in dire need of psychiatric treatment. Regardless, this shrewd perfectionist with a truly bazaar sense of humor never stops amazing those he works with or the fans that come to see him.

Equipment: Billy Blast custom drum kit, 10,12,14” short stack toms, 16” floor tom, 16x24”kick-All in neon green lacquer with black hardware. Cymbals are Soultone, ranging in size from 8" to 20". Endorsements: Billy Blast Custom Drums (, Soultone Cymbals (, Xcel drumsticks ( Car: "Any year Corvette...." Favorite Sports: Football & Hockey…. What's Cool: Women that can drink with the guys.... What's not Cool: "People that don't stick to their guns, or fire them when they should!