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Chia-Wei Hung

Chia-Wei Hung

A Christian drummer from Taiwan,
Keeping enthusiasm for pursuing music and drumming,
Playing diversely styles and active around Taiwan.
After he graduated from department of social work, Tainan Theological College, his passion drove him decided to devote himself into music. He went to study at Musician Institute in L.A. After graduated from M.I, he came back to Taiwan
to start his professional music career, being a drum instructor, session drummer. In 2009, he went to New Jersey to study with a world-know drum Master Bill Meligari in order to enhance his drumming technique.
Study influence by: Tim Mclntyre, Donny Gruendler, Chuck Silverman, Bill Meligari.
The education in the U.S made Chia-Wei have a good musician ability to play in different styles music of gigs, such as rock, funk, jazz, fusion, pop, etc. In Jazz, he used to play with sixthman jazz band in Tai-Chung Jazz Festival.
2009, Chimay Concert Hall, Zhongshan University Art Festival, 2010 Nan Ying International Folklore Festival opening session.
Since 2011 joined The Calling Band, during these time, he record 3 EP, and paly the mission tour around Tokyo, Nagoya of Japan. And Also Seattle and Detroit in the U.S
Chia-Wei is also a well know drum instructor in Taiwan, Had published his first drum book-The Rhythm and Grooves for Drummers” and finish his first clinic tour around Taiwan on 2013.
He established “Dig Music Studio” in Taiwan city, provide professional music lesson, recording studio, performance hall.

My Soultone Set: 

14” custom HH
16” FXO6
17” Custom brilliant crash
19” Custom brilliant crash
20” Gospel ride
9” Vintage splash
10” Extreme splash
15” Heavy hammered China

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