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Cheyney Davis

Cheyney Davis

Cheyney Davis is a church/gospel drummer who was born in Philadelphia, Pa on October 2, 1986 to Gerrard Davis and Angela Myers.

Cheyney has been playing the drums since age 2. He was raised up in the church with his family who are also musically inclined. His uncle Michael Rosser who plays the drums has always had a great influence and major impact on Cheyney’s interest in playing the drums. He encouraged him to practice constantly. Cheyney has played in various states and church conferences in the U.S.

Cheyney loves, fears God with all of his heart and gives him all the glory for endowing him with this gift. Cheyney also believes that being blessed with this gift is not only for him, but also for the ministry and to help sharpen other potential drummers.

Cheyney is now 23 years of age; due to his God given ability goes by the nickname “Cheyn Sawl”. He is currently the drummer at the Bright Hope Baptist Church located in Philadelphia, PA. He also plays an upcoming group in Philly by the name M.O.M that means Ministers Of Music. He is looking forward to recording professionally with M.O.M. and other artist in the near future. Cheyney is also endorsed with Soultone Cymbals.