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Chen Yu Jung (Aris Yo)

Chen Yu Jung (Aris Yo)

Chen Yu Jung (Aris Yo) was born in Taiwan in 1994. At 6 years old, he started learning piano, violin, Ju Percussion. When he was 9, he started learning traditional Chinese music instrument pipa, at 14 he started learning drum kit and at 19 he started learning electric guitar. He has worked as a drummer in metalcore band “SLAM”, guitarist in the melodic death metal band “Diesear” and currently he is drummer in the melodic death metal band “Sacrifire.” Aris Yo has released and issued 2 individual albums, 1 digital single, 2 EP, 1 compilation, who also has attended 4 MV’s filming. In addition, he personally published 2 drum kit Cover films, one electric guitar Cover film and two serials of drum kit online lecture. He also owns the GRADE 8 – Drum Kit Passed With Distinction by Rockschool.

Having worked as a drum teacher in music company Meteora since he 21 years of age, he now has at least 5 years of teaching experience up to this day, starting from back in the days when he was still in school. Aris Yo had held the position of instructor in hot music clubs in schools such as Songshan High School of Agriculture and Industry, National Taipei University of Business and New Taipei Municipal HaiShan High School; he is now working as an instructor of hot music club in New Taipei Municipal Yong-ping High School and Taipei Municipal Wanfang High School, devoting time and effort in the promotion of music culture as well as cultivating music talents.

Recently he sets about establishing his personal channel and focusing on the production of a full-length album with the band “Sacrifire”. In July 2019, he will perform in a drum kit program at Taipei World Trade Musical Instrument Exhibition as well as performing in Wake Up Festival in Jiayi.

陳宥融 (Aris Yo),1994年出生於台灣,6歲開始學習鋼琴、小提琴、朱宗慶打擊樂,9歲時學習中國樂器琵琶,14歲時學習爵士鼓、19歲時學習電吉他,曾任金屬核樂團 – SLAM(衝擊效應)鼓手、旋律死亡金屬樂團 – Diesear(烙印之日)吉他手,現任旋律死亡金屬樂團 – Sacrifire(奉獻之火)鼓手,發行發表過2張專輯、1張單曲、2張EP、1張合輯,拍攝過4部MV,個人發表過2支爵士鼓Cover影片、1支電吉他Cover影片、兩集爵士鼓線上講座,並通過「Rockschool國際音樂表演藝術檢定GRADE 8 – Drum Kit Passed With Distinction」。


最近開始著手建立個人頻道並專注於Sacrifire(奉獻之火)樂團下一張全長專輯製作,2019年7月將在台北世貿樂器展爵士鼓節目演出及嘉義Wake Up覺醒音樂祭樂團演出。

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