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Charles Kendall

Charles was born in November of 1990 in Phoenix, AZ. He was a typical pots and pans drummer for most of his childhood, and got his first drum kit at the age of twelve.

Charles took drum lessons with Brett Frederickson, who was known for having played drums for Megadeth, as well as performing studio work for various artists. He studied under Frederickson for just a little under a year, before family issues caused him to move away. After that, Charles mostly practiced on his own, buying instructional books and trying to play drum parts along with cds or the radio. He continued taking lessons off and on, until junior high, when he formed a three-piece band (guitar, drums and violin) with a couple of friends. They won the school talent show, and it was this as well as being involved with several school music groups (among them: Steel Pans) that made Charles really enjoy performing.

In high school, Charles continued his musical interests by participating in several school concert bands, as well as playing the snare drum for the marching band.

After this, his percussion “career” came to a screeching halt when he joined the United States Marine Corps.

Once he returned home in 2012, he spent the next two years re-sharpening the skills that had diminished, eventually signing up for drum lessons with Rodger Cardillo. Cardillo, who has studied privately with Sandy Gennaro (of the Pat Travers Band), Joan Jett, and Cyndi Lauper, and who has an active and successful professional career as a drummer, provided just the right amount of encouragement Charles needed to finally look into drumming professionally himself.

A couple of months later, Charles saw an advertisement on Craigslist posted by a local rock band called Interfate saying that they were looking for a drummer. One tryout, and he got the position, which he is enjoying today.

Besides Interfate, Charles is a member of a Hip Hop/pop duo with BSmiley who recently has received over a million plays on his single "bong song" and Thirdly Charles plays in a community Brazilian samba group called Samba de Cavallo. This group is led by Joseph Goglia who is the chapter president for the Percussive Arts Society, as well as having been one of Charles’ music teachers back in high school. This group performs at many community events and festivals, and Charles gets to play many diverse percussion instruments during performances.

Recently, Charles has started to study drumming with online group lessons by Mike Johnston, continuing to try to improve his techniques and knowledge with the instrument he loves.

Gear:In Addition to SOULTONE CYMBALS Charles uses SILVERFOX DRUMSTICKS! he has also fallen in love with the Axis long board kick pedal.”

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