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Chad “Chavo” Amborn

Chad “Chavo” Amborn

It’s hard for me to come up with “About Me” type of stuff. I just like playing drums. So, I pulled a quote from something someone wrote on me. I think it’s a pretty good description of my playing.

“I have had the pleasure of hearing Chad “Chavo” Amborn play live in multiple settings and his discipline to maintain simplicity is actually quite breathtaking however I have also witnessed when Amborn doesn’t just play his drums, but when he kills them. He is schizophrenic in his relationship with his drum kit. At times there is violence. At other times, gentleness. Both are equal characteristics, inherent elements, of his stylistic approach to the drum kit. With the precision and acute violence of a hired assassin, Chavo plays with a sense of heightened sensual consciousness usually attributed to human beings at the edge of pleasure and pain, beauty and darkness, order and chaos. His ability to sustain this razor’s edge throughout a set is evidence of his discipline as much as his talent, the former, something painfully learned, the later, God-given.”

-Parnell Thill


Soultone Cymbals, Risen Drums

Active Projects:

The Alrights, Duluth Vineyard Church, Studio/Session

Credits (Session, Recording & Touring):

The Alrights, Papa Mali, Alexander Oneal, The Vineyard Churches, Kasio & 8 Track, James and Younger, Anabeth Morgan (Vineyard Music), Justin Law (Vineyard Music), Toby Churchill, Three Song Sunday, Dave Mehling, The Fractals, Max Dakota, Minister Gabe Green’s Voices of Vision, Rachel Kilgore, The Very People, Crazy Betty, Average Sun, Bud Grover, Cave Canem (Kelly Keagy), Stone Budha, Broken Blossoms, Brad McGregor