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Cees Oosterhuis

Cees Oosterhuis

Freelance drummer, drum teacher

Cees was born in 1990 in Westzaan, a village near Amsterdam. He started making Music when he was six years old. The First instrument Cees learned to play was the trumpet. After a few years he decided that it was time to play another instrument. Cees chose to play drums. With this decision made, he started playing at the local school of Music. At the age of 12 Cees formed a band with fellow high school students. The band was named ‘Ten-Hut’. After only playing for 5 years the band already played a big dutch venue called The Melkweg. Because of this performance as well as the worldwide musical influences Cees got from playing in Ten-Hut he became more and more interested in music. His drumming skills improved and he started teaching drums. At first he frequently replaced his own drum teacher and later he started teaching drums for himself. The following years became more and more busy for Cees. Ten-Hut gained fame and they were asked to accompany Harry Slinger with their own big band arrangements of Harry Slinger’s songs. Cees also played on the album release of the New Morning Trio (Oz Noy, Reggie Washington & Jeroen Vrolijk). In 2011 Cees became the drummer of Lenny Keylard. With Lenny he played at festivals, like ‘Zwarte Cross’, for more than 7000 people. He also toured with Lenny Keylard trough the Netherlands and played in several sold-out big Dutch venues, including Paradiso. Currently Cees is still playing as drummer for Ten-Hut , with whom he has performed in several tours throughout Europe. Cees is also a frequently asked as a session drummer.

My Soultone Set: 

14" Vintage Old School hihat
15" Extreme crash
17" Extreme crash
21" Custom Brilliant RA