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Casey Weissbuch

Casey Weissbuch

A drummer of the past, present, and future, Casey Jordan Weissbuch has been a student of rhythm since his humble beginnings, eleven years ago. His repertoire of playing has grown exponentially each of those eleven years, and now, as a Commercial Percussion Performance major at the prestigious Belmont University in Nashville, TN, Casey is in his stride.

Incredibly diverse in his playing styles, Casey is comfortable and proficient in Afro-Cuban rhythms, Jamaican Rhythms, Jazz/early Bop, Rock, Pop, Funk, R&B, Jam, Indie, and countless other styles. He has studied under the likes of percussion legends Chester Thompson, Derico Watson, Zoro, Chris Norton, but make no mistake, this 21-year-old has proven his durability on any of the seven national tours his bands have independently completed, and earned an endorsement from SJC Drum Company.

Always pushing forward in his musical career, Casey's enviable skills on the guitar, bass, piano, and music production make him one of the most impressive musicians in any given room.


Selected Discography:

The Pinstripes – Midwest Soundclash 10” (Dashiki Clout Records)

The Pinstripes – The Decay CD (Self Released)

Till Plains – Nails Mountain EP (Phratry Records)

Till Plains/Dopamines Split 7” (It’s Alive Records)

Diarrhea Planet - ALOHA! (Self Released… Hit 5,000 downloads)