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Carlos A. Mendez

Carlos A. Mendez

My name is Carlos A Mendez I was born in Riverside Ca….. When my parents started to see that

I was becoming a drummer, was at the age of one when I started to play with spoons and pans.

At around the age of three my parents bought me my own drum set and I started playing at home

with the music they played, and I kept on growing, playing drums. Then my parents bought

me my regular size drum set at the age of five…and I kept on playing the drums ever since. At

around the age of thirteen the pastor of the church I go to ask me if I wanted to play drums at

church and I said yes, and I started getting to play with people and I got way more better at the

genres of gospel, and Latin …then a few months later my dad talked to these brothers (in Christ)

from the last church I went to that had a band named Los Trigales de Cristo. So they came over

and they gave me their CD (genre of norteña) and I started practicing it every day. In about two

weeks later they saw that I learn the CD and they just helped me with the stuff I needed help with

and by the third month once all the work played off... of practicing every day for two hours.

They accepted me in their band ever since I keep on learning more every day……..

Drummer of Los Trigales de Cristo