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Carlos “Carlitos” Aguero

Carlos “Carlitos” Aguero


Carlos “Carlitos” Aguero is a versatile percussionist who has studied and performed with greats
such as Poncho Sanchez, Bobby Rodriguez, Richie Gajate Garcia, Abraham Laboriel Sr, Justo
Almario, Little Willie G of Thee Midnighters, Mc. Blvd, Steve Loza, Danilo Lozano, T-Bone, and
others. Beginning as a drummer/percussionist, Carlos has been involved in various aspects of
the music industry including live performances, recording, producing, mixing, mastering, and
arranging. Obtaining a Masters of Education, he has taken what he has learned and applied it to
give his students the best experience in both his private and classroom settings. As a
drummer/percussionist, Carlos is currently freelancing and recording audio and video out of his
personal studio, Stolen Keys Media. Through Stolen Keys Media, he has worked with various
artists and styles delivering powerful grooves in both percussion and drumset. Reach out to
Carlos as he is always excited to meet and work with new artists.
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20” Extreme Ride
16” Extreme Crash
15” Vintage Crash
14” Extreme Hi Hats