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My name Cardrell "Kenchii" Kendrick and I have been playing the drums since I was 2 years old. I'm a multi talented musician. I started off playing in a church in Columbus, Georgia called Macedonia Christian Ministries. I have played behind artists like Earnest Pugh, Deitrick Haddon, Ashley J. Wright, and Joshua Rodgers. I have marched in the band my teenage years in junior high and also high school I played saxophone, quads, quints, bass, and percussion. I currently play for a gospel group by the name of Definitely Blessed out of Montgomery Alabama. I have been playing with them 10+ years. We have a couple studio tracks out on all platforms. I'm an independent artist that records at a studio in Alabama by the name of Atmosphere Recording Studio. I have played at spots like BB kings restaurant in Montgomery, Alabama Hard Rock Cafe in Orlando, Florida Bourbon Street Bar and Grill and The Sky Bar in Auburn, Alabama.

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Easy Soultone stands out and the name speaks for itself. I have played Sabian my whole life but Soultone is on a whole other level. They're company is a different breed. I love my cymbal company. Every one of their cymbals has an interesting tone. I love how dry they are and the classic look they have.

Every day I would wake up watching Jerohn Garnett building chops. I have grown as a drummer watching Nick Smith , Ron Allen, Brook Alexander, and Branden Akinyele. I'm bringing a different feel to the table with a whole different vibe. I wanna be great and I wanna continue making my Lord and Savior proud he blesses me with this gift to bless others. Soultone we will grow together not only as a brand and our relationship but also as a family this is a legacy in the making!

Lior Mayran is the best man he had my back through the whole process. I am blessed to meet someone like him. I appreciate the gratitude and hospitality. Soultone is the best you can't go wrong.

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My Soultone Set: 

16 inch Natural hi hats
18 inch natural crash
16 inch natural crash with brilliant bell
12 inch FXO 6 splash
22 inch natural ride
18 inch FXO 6 crash
17 inch FXO 12 crash
12 inch gospel splash

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