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Camilo Melo

Camilo Melo

Plays drums for Irene nelson and Others

Extremely versatile at the drums with a passion and dedication for excellent work!

Drumming since the age of 14, Camilo has been dedicated to the art of drumming. Self taught for several years, at the age of 19 he decided to pursue a career in music at a college in his home town, Bogotá, Colombia. Completing two years of music studies, in 2005 his heart was lead to Los Angeles to complete his studies enrolling at the L.A Music Academy College of Music. While at (LAMA) he was described as a solid and versatile drummer with finesse. He was also known to be a powerful pocket player with the ability to move as a chameleon through different styles of music. His experience goes from Jazz to Rock and Pop. In 2008, he landed his first professional gig touring the United States with Solo Artist ZIV, award-winning for best independent record of the year in Europe. Meanwhile, he also worked as a studio and live drummer with numerous artists: Tarik Batal, Arden Kaywin, and others. In 2009, Camilo received a call to work with Russian celebrity, model and singer IRENE NELSON, member of Techno-House vocal group REFLEX. While recording, playing and promoting her solo album debut SUNRISE, he also formed his own Jazz trio, Camilo's Jazz trio. This format has been successfully performing since in one of the busiest entertainment streets in Pasadena,CA, Malagueta Restaurant.

In 2010, Camilo is now associated with SOULTONE cymbals, he quotes "the best sounding cymbals I've heard in my career." He is working actively in the Los Angeles music scene and proudly endorses SOULTONE cymbals.