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Bryce Giuliani

Bryce Giuliani

Bryce Giuliani has been playing drums for nearly 30 years. He was in
his first band by the 8th grade, and never looked back. Bryce has played
and recorded with numerous different established projects and bands locally
here in San Diego and he is fast becoming known as the "go to" drummer in
town for multiple genera's and styles. Bryce has now been selected as the
drummer for the roster of very talented and successful musicians that make
up SD3.

Bryce is a M.I Graduate (2000) and he credits his time there as "some
of the best days of his life"......and being the catalyst for what took his
passion and drumming skills to the next level. He can also be found doing
radio work and being the drum and percussion correspondent for The Changing
Stage Radio Show.

Bryce is currently drumming for Chasing the Fall (rock), Dadex (R&B),
and has a full length 12 track album TRAINWRECKED coming out in the fall
with Cory Wilkins and the Train Wreck. (Country). He also has had recent duty playing with The International Hustlers (instrumental boogaloo funk),
and San Diego powerhouse Temporal Riff (instrumental/prog/shred)

Bryce was on the WHEN THE WORLDS COLLIDE TOUR 2014.....(D.R.I)

Bryce is endorsed by SoulTone Cymbals, Cymbolt, and has a clothing line of
active drumming gear..... Deemer Nation.

Bryce Giuliani or other wise known as The Deemer, has shared the stage
with such mega talents and super star players like Tony Macalpine, Allan
Holdsworth, Michael Angelo Batio, Craig Goldy, Gary Hoey, Vinnie Appice,
Jake E Lee, and Uli Jon Roth.

My Soultone Set: 

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14" Custom Series Hi Hats
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