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A captivating Houstonian born in Costa Rica, drummer Bryan Murillo is a passionate
performer playing his way through the country. While being a laid back charismatic
individual, Bryan has a very precise and educated ear for music. He’s solid, strict and
professional within all the parameters that fit into what music entitles. Being raised in
the Christian community, Bryan picked up playing the drums at a young age and started
performing for his church. Coming from a family who appreciated music, he grew into a
world where he fell in love with sounds, rhythms, notes and most importantly DRUMS!
Bryan’s experience derives from countless hours of practice and playing drums while
having close friends that set the bar high. Bryan’s versatility is what captures his
audience. He incorporates and meshes styles like hard rock, blues, Latin jazz and funk
with syncopated fills which are flawlessly executed. He has successfully recorded 2
albums and several EP’s with local bands in Houston. Bryan has also had the opportunity
to share the stage with Noah Bernardo (P.O.D), Cristiano Mozzati (Lacuna Coil), James
Culpepper (Flyleaf), Xavier Muriel (Buckcherry), Mike Luce (Drowning Pool), Kyle Mayer
(Ten Years) and many more. He currently plays for 3 local Houston bands Seldom,
Channel K and GID and just recently endorses Soultone cymbals and Spaun Drums.
Bryan plans to continue his endeavours in the drumming community and will keep
pushing himself to become one of the leading artist in the country.

After successfully funding the production of a debut studio release via Kickstarter, Seldom
released “Damaged”, their first full-length album, in 2014 and performed extensively on a
regional basis in support of the release. The band has released their brand new EP, “Black
Mirror”; focused on the increasingly symbiotic relationship between society and technology.
They plan to get back to writing their next EP in the near future called, “In the Shadow of
Damaged – Album
Black Mirror - EP

Musical Influences:
Most of my influences vary from all sorts of styles and genres. Some of the biggest
influences are definitely bands like Chevelle, Tool, Deftones, Nothing More, Perfect
Circle, Breaking Benjamin, Animals as Leaders and even bands like Periphery and
“When it’s over, Seldom has done what very few bands in their end of the rock music
spectrum can do; they’ve created a journey through sound.” Free Press Houston
“This full length album, titled “Damaged” by Houston band Seldom is an all-around strong
album with catchy, sing-along type melodies and a good, moody, heavy, hard rock feel. The
band has outdone themselves with this album. They know what they want to say and how they
want to say it.” No Cover Magazine
“With a release like “Damaged” under their belt, this Houston foursome has a product that
should draw attention and continue increasing their fanbase. This is a group just waiting for the
right set of ears to find their CD.” Hill Country News
“Black Mirror is sonically adventurous, yet it’s comfortable and executed with precision.
This EP is phenomenal. I don’t know why I was surprised, SELDOM has never disappointed”

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