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Bryan Knickerbocker

Two-Faced Wilson/ Diecast Romance/ Session

Bryan Knickerbocker is a father and drummer from mid-Michigan living the quiet life as a full-time family and workingman and the nightlife as the drummer in a local rock band. Sunday mornings he is a drummer in a church band, and by the following Friday and Saturday evenings he is laying down heavy beats in rock clubs and bars.
In early 2019 he joined with his friend, singer-songwriter Adam Droscha, to book gigs for Droscha’s music project, Two-Faced Wilson, which incorporates a mix of heavy blues inspired rock & roll with acoustic driven indie Americana with folk influences. After spending time building up his extensive drum setup with a four-piece rack and an array of Soultone cymbals, Bryan was ready to perform the variety of styles and rhythms Two-Faced Wilson music requires.
2020 brought a new evolution in Bryan's music career when he started his studio project "Diecast Romance" where he was put in the driver's seat of his own direction. He wrote, played drums, bass, and even guitar on his 3 song EP entitled "Contrivance". Assisting him was a plethora of amazing guest artists including the members of Elsie Binx, Andrew Ketcham of Let It Rot, and Jammie Bosstel of Praise The Fallen.
Currently, Bryan continues to play in Two-Faced Wilson along with writing songs for the next Diecast Romance EP and recently signed on to be the live drummer for Fort Wayne band To Breathe Again. He also endorses Collision Drumsticks and No Nuts Cymbal Sleeves

My Soultone Set: 

14" Extreme Hi-hats
9" Custom Splash
18" Vintage Crash
18" Gospel Crash
19" Gospel Crash
20" Gospel Ride
20" FXO 6 China