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Bryan Keith - The BEAST

Bryan Keith - The BEAST

Surviving September

The BEAST is a heavy metal drummer. He was born in the small town of Diana, WV, where his first memory of drums was from his Native American ancestors.At around 8 years old, they moved to Webster, WV. He began schhol and in the 5th grade joined the Webster Springs Elementary marching band. That’s where he realized that entertainment was in his blood. In the band he played the trumpet, but his heart seemed to always draw him to the drums. At home, he played the drums using butter bowls and buckets for drums and old pans for cymbals. The first song he learned was “We Got The Beat” by the Go-Go’s. At 14, his Grandmother purchased him a set of drum pads. AT the same time his Aunt Ica & Uncle Jim Carr, who were Nashiville recording artists, invited him to their house to play a real drum kit for the first time, which was a huge difference from what he was used to. He had no concept of what a bass drum, snare or real cymbals were or how they worked. His heart was still into the Indian toms that he grew up listening to. But he quickly caught on.

In high school, he truly wanted to play drums but they had no spots open for anything but baritone. So he took on a new instrument while still yearning for the cadence beat of the drum line. At 16, his Aunt & Uncle’s band, Country Fire, lost their drummer and asked Bryan to audition.

He went up against 12 other experienced drummers. Bryan still had only played a real drum set one time at his Aunt & Uncle’s house. Bryan was selected as their drummer. They had one rehearsal and played his first gig in front of over 7,000 people, opening for a guy named Eddie, who he later learned to beEddie Rabbit.Over the next 6 months or so they played their own gigs and continued opening for other national acts, including Bobby Bare, that came through West Virginia.Uncle Jim became sick and the band had to go on hiatus.
Over time Bryan discovered Metalicca by watching their “Enter Sandman” video. He was overcome by Lars Ulrich’s talent and showmanship with all the strobes and the tom work that he so loved from childhood. He started studying Lars from the “Black” albulm up. Then he discovered Morgan Rose from SevenDust and Shannon Larkin from Godsmack and studied their work.

In 2000, Bryan joined with some old friends from school and formed “It Just Is”, a Metallica style band, and recorded his first album “Rock At It’s Finest”. The album was enterd into a competition in WV’s state capital’s Stern Wheel Regatta Battle of the Bands. They competed against over 60 other bands and won 2nd place. With this award, they opened for Blue Oyster Cult at the event. They continued on and recorded their second album “Darker Days” in 2004.The band decided to go in a lighter direction and Bryan chose to exit the band.
Bryan spent his free time on a semi-pro football team for a few years, then moved around a bit and landed in Orlando, FL.

In 2014 he joined Ebon Cross, a hard rock original band. They recorded the album “Reality” in 2016. Bryan left Ebon Cross in 2017 and sat in for a few bands.

In 2019, he met up with a group of guys that he has totally clicked with. They were featured at Blue Ridge Rock Fest in Virginia, where they performed along with Godsmack, Offspring, A Day To Remember, Soil, Hinder, STP and DMX. After their return, they began recording “Just Trust Us” an EP by Surviving September.

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