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Brooklynn "DrumQueen" Porter

Brooklynn "DrumQueen" Porter

Brooklynn "DrumQueen" Porter is a hard-hitting versatile melodic groove-pocket drummer.

Based in Columbus, Ohio, Brooklynn is an accomplished drummer, songwriter/producer, and multi-instrumentalist playing over six instruments. Brooklynn has had the opportunity to travel all over the United States playing for many different artists. She is currently one of the most demanded session drummers and songwriters in her area.

At a young age her parent's played music 24/7. Growing up Brooklynn did not take traditional lessons. When her oldest brother started playing the drums she was only four. While he would practice Brooklynn would take mental notes and was able to play note for note. After becoming old enough to play in school, she became the only girl in the drum line. She later became the 1st chair-captain. Her main influences growing up were Buddy Rich, Ronald Bruner Jr., Dennis Chambers, Cora Durham, and Marvin Mcquitty. In High School Brooklynn played in the funk, gospel, rock, and jazz band. This exposed her to a wide array of the many different genres of music.

One night while listening to the "Pages of life Chapter II Live" album by Fred Hammond & Radical for Christ. Brooklynn became inspired and wanted to take her musical gift to a higher level. That night she asked the Lord to have His way. She became a student of music, learning theory, and mastering all the technicalities.

After making a vowel to God, God put her on a mission. The Next week she was called to be the new drummer at her church. Brooklynn said “I had no time to learn the music, I just played by hear. It was my special gift God gave to me. God would give me the notes, and I would echo”.

Even through she was called to drum, there were many challenges at the beginning. The church did not like the thought of a female drummer, causing her to endure extreme sexist prejudice for many years.

In spite of the mistreatment Brooklynn knew she would never quit her first love just on the fact that she was a girl. She said "I let my playing do the talking”. You must have thick skin to be a trailblazer. God is not sexually bias. To the grace of God almost a decade later there are more female drummers than ever in Columbus, Ohio. Brooklynn currently attends The Ohio State University where she is studying Music Performance. Brooklynn currently continues to travel and do workshops in Ohio as well as giving private music lesson. After graduation she plans to attend Berklee College of Music for her Masters in Music Compositions.