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Brian Regalado

Brian Regalado

Drums and Backup vocals of the band SectaS

It’s the 80’s, San Bernardino, California the land of Van Halen and Randy Rhoads. Brian is born surrounded by expandex and hair spray, but among all of this scene, Tommy Lee from Motley Crue was the one that immediately called his attention, not only for his theatrical acts or attitude but it was Tommy’s groove and musical talent that got him to start playing drums.
Later in time, Brian discovered Nick Menza (RIP) Drummer from Megadeth and that was a life changing event for him cause of his drum skills and incredible talent and that’s when he decided to follow Nick’s path. Brian is not only a drummer but a multi-talented musician that covers guitars, bass, piano, vocals and most recently music recording and production in his very own studio called “Churchaze Productions Recording Studio” where his band SectaS among other local talents do their professional recordings.
He joined SectaS several years ago at the young age of 15 years old, going through various auditions and only taking him 2 days to learn 16 songs. Along with SectaS, he has won several awards, two of them through the LA MUSIC awards and another one through Heavy Metal Television.
Brian, got David Ellefson’s attention (Bass player from the very well known band, MEGADETH) after he released a video playing all instruments, including vocals of the Megadeth song called Vortex,
Brian has toured with his band several states of the United States and Mexico where the band has a huge fan base south of the border, played in front of festivals with more than 5000 people. SectaS accomplished approximately 500 shows in 4 years touring Mexico and USA gaining recognition in other countries as well like France, New Zealand, Japan, etc. SectaS has opened twice for QUEENSRYCHE, Yngwie Malmsteen and they opened the last Mayhem Festival next to Slayer, Hellyeah and King Diamond.
Brian, due to his drumming and composition skills, has been a crucial part for the success of his band and most recently acquired an endorsement deal with Soultone Cymbals, a company that Nick Menza used to endorse as well, and now Brian became part of this great family of very talented drummers. Sectas has the rest of 2018 already booked and the next big show will be opening for the LAST IN LINE with the original members of DIO of the Holy Diver and Last in Line era.
Brian has being on the list of best metal drummers on the Phoenix Newtimes for two consecutive years.
This is SectaS most recent production and video, the song its called “5” where you can notice his talent on drums all over the song
Brian is looking for brighter future where sky is the limit.

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