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Brian Morrison, born and raised in Northern Mississippi. Fell in love with the drums at age 4. Played live for the first time at the age of 12. Started my first band up when I was 15, performed for my neighborhood every weekend in my carport. Moved up to playing in bars and restaurants at the age of 16. Have moved my way up in the music industry to now being the drummer of a billboard charting artist by the name of Chris Hosier. Touring drummer who plays in all over the country in front of thousands of fans. I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support of my wife and kids. (Ashley Morrison, Lane, James, & Noah.)

I guess not much all cymbals brands have different types I went with Soultone cymbals bc I like the crisp sound they have
I love the crisp sound they have. Withstand a lot of beating and banging
Get out of their comfort zone and might be surprised
Soultone Cymbals gave me an endorsement deal. They treated me like an Artist should be treated and very respectful!

My Soultone Set: 

14”Hi Hats (Abby)
16” Crash (Abby)
18” Crash ( Abby)
20” Ride ( Abby)