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Brian Clawson was born in Fort Worth, TX in 1985. He starting learning how to play drums at 13 years old. Most of his experience came from playing for his church. Later on in his teens he starting playing in a garage band called Sycamore with several of his friends in Kokomo, IN. After playing local gigs for a few months. He was invited to play drums for Forever Young.

Forever Young is a Christian Rock Band that was started in Kokomo, Indiana in 1997. The band has a full rock acoustic sound with powerful lyrics that have an almost dark overtone that draws the listener in and brings them into the realization of a desperate need for a Savior. The band's name is derived from Matthew 18:3 in reference to the fact we all must become as children and live "Forever Young" with Christ as we strive to reach so many who have lost that childhood innocence.

Brian recorded drums on the bands 9 song album that is available online through iTunes, CD Baby, and other sources. It is also available in mom and pop Christian book stores. The band will be cutting there sophomore relase this year. The band's music is played regularly on Z92.5, 106.9 WXXC, 93.7 WFRN, and other radio stations in the area.

Brian started playing Soultone Cymbals in 2010. Extreme and Custom Brilliant Series.

19" Extreme Crash

20" Extreme Crash

15" Custom Brilliant Hi Hats

21" Custom Brilliant Ride