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Brian C. Ewell

Brian C. Ewell

D.O.B: October 29, 1983

Birthplace: Gainesville, Florida

Title: Independent Artist

Main Goal:

To fulfill the will of god on his life and inspire youth everywhere with his gifts and talents as a Minstrel and Musician

Brief Description:

Brian has been playing drums since the age of 5. At an early stage, He realizes that drumming was a good outlet for releasing frustrations as a child and teenager. But he saw more of what God was doing with his gift of music and decided to cultivate his gift and use it to its fullest potential to bring God Honor and Glory.

As a military soldier he has been afforded the opportunity to play for various churches and small performances here and there. Some of the people he has had the privilege to play behind include K&K Mime, Bishop Otis Carswell of Pittsburgh, PA and rising gospel stars Dejuan Adamson and Fredrick Dukes Jr. His performances include being the drummer for Levallious Hamilton of Daily Records Inc. and a benefit concert for the local youth of Killeen, TX. He has also had the opportunity to sit and learn from Joseph “Joey” Oscar and Noel Jones. One of his greatest accomplishments is the signing of an endorsement contract with Soultone Cymbals.

He is now currently endorsing Soultone Cymbals and the Risen Drums snare line. Brian has been with Soultone for 6 years and enjoys the sound that his cymbals produce. In 2011 he returned from a tour in Iraq, in Junction City, Kansas at Fort Riley, while in Junction City, he was a lead drummer for his Spiritual Parents at Living Word International Ministries, pastored by Bishop Clarence Williams and Lady Wanda Williams. Brian is currently, working on an album in the studio and produce a cd, called “Pure Worship” He plans to have this product completed in the next 2 to 3 years. Brian is currently enrolled at Full Sail University, in Winter Green Florida where he is pursuing a Bachelor's of Science in Music Business through the Online Program. Brian has taken is playing and music ability to the next level and fulfilling and working towards his destiny. He has currently completed his assignment back to Killeen, Texas at Fort Hood Were he serves in as apart of the Band Ministry at Central Cathedral of Texas Christian House of Prayer, Under Apostle Nathaniel Holcomb and Pastor Valarie Holcomb. He serves there as one of there drummers and drum tracks and programing. Currently he has retired from the Army and has moved to San Antonio, Texas where God has taken him for his next assignment by hearing God’s voice. He is now under the leadership of The Center of Worship where he serves his God Parents Pastor R. L. Tate and First Lady Tina Tate.

Brian is a young man who loves God, Family, and People and is at the end of it all will be what god has called and destined him to be. He was made to produce the Glory of God through Music and plays with a heart and passion that is rare and true. Keep God first and he will take you places. Everything Brian does is for God and his Family and plans on doing music and Minisrty.

Genre of Play: Versatile

Inspiration: Jeremiah 29:11 “For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord,” “Plans to prosper you and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

My Current Set up drums
Crush drums Camelion Ash Wood Kit 6 Piece (Black)
22” Bass drum
14” floor tom
13” snare drum
12” tom
10” tom
14” inch deep custom Walnut Oak Wood Stave Signature Snare drum by Risen Drums
1” Birch Satan Black 8” tom (black)
14 “ Yamaha air shell snare drum (Blue)

Various Cymbals

22” Gospel Ride
10” gospel hi hats
14” extreme crash cymbal
20” Custom Brillant Crash
7” custom splash
16” FXO


Vatar 5A power sticks 5A-5B
Pro Mark Raw Wood sticks 5A-5B

Gilbraltar Drum Rack

Kick Port

Phat Foot Harness

Pearl demon single Pedal

Crush Drum single pedal




sound cloud

My Soultone Set: 

22” Gospel Ride
14” extreme crash cymbal 2010 NAMM edition
22" Ride Heavy Hammered
20" Crash Heavy Hammered
19" Crash Heavy Hammered
14" Hi Hats Heavy Hammered
4 Rivets added to bottom Hi Hat
10" FXO 5
17" FXO 12
18" FXO 6
16" FXO 6 China
8" Splash Extreme


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