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Brian Brugger

Brian Brugger

Brian Brugger grew up in Michigan where he began playing drums as a teen. He played in church youth group and small bands throughout his school years. Following college Brian found himself starting and leading worship bands for the churches he was attending. After moving to Florida with his wife in 2003, Brian began playing with as many groups/artists as he could, ultimately landing the full time gig with Lost&Found and then City of David. His drumming is influenced by the likes of Kent Brugger (brother), Robert Sweet, Carter Beauford, Larry Mullen Jr, & many others. Through his career Brian has developed his solid, dynamic, and driving style while performing with such Nashville recording artists as “blu” and David Quiles.

Though busy, Brian is committed to his home church (Hope Fellowship Community Church) were he serves as Technology and A/V director. He can be found most weekends performing with the HFCC worship band in West Palm Beach, FL.

Brian signed on as an endorser of Future Sonics, Silverfox Drumsticks, and Soultone cymbals in 2009. A huge thank you to David Gray, Jeff Harrington, Daniel East, and Iki Levy for the support, advise, & friendship!