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Breyson Robinson

Breyson Robinson

Breyson "Boogie" Robinson

Breyson was born on February 17th, 1989 in Muncie Indiana. He came from a musical family with his grand mother, mother and sister all being singers and his father being a drummer. Later, he was blessed to have his step-father James Northern to come into his life with musical gifts as well (Bass and production.)

When he was 8, Breyson began to show interest in drumming when he joined the hand drumming ensemble at Indianola Elementary School in Columbus, OH. This sparked an interest in musical education as well as the concepts behind music as a whole. This led to many opportunities including competing and being chosen for multiple Jazz Band positions, section leader roles, and being able to play with some of the primer artists in the World at World Harvest Church. But, the best opportunity came when the ministry aspect of music came when Breyson began attending Rejoice, Praise and Worship Center in Columbus, OH. Pastor Charles Burger, and the RPWC family welcomed him with open arms and began to nurture his gift with the kingdom-minded foundations that all ministers needed. In 2007, Breyson attended the vocational music program at Fort Hayes Metropolitan Education Center. Here, Mr Jeff McArgish and the staff taught the students (ranging from vocalists to instrumentalists) the finer points of music history, theory, ear training, business and performance. This also created a network with other young artists that have decided to make performing their living to this day. From here he received a full ride music performance scholarship, but turned it down to join the United States Air Force.

Since then Breyson has performed with many groups including Jerry Saunders and By Faith ministries, Pastor McClendon, Appointed, and is currently on a world tour with Air Force Entertainment's Tops in Blue.

His mentors included Pastor Burger, Walter Burger, Phil Smedley, James Northern, Cedric Easton, Garrison Brown and many others.

Eric Moore, Ronald Bruner Jr., Marvin McQuitty, Poogie Bell, Thomas Pridgen, Tony Royster, Aaron Spears and many others are just a few of his musical influences, as he believes that influence can come from many different sources.

Favorite quote- Heart of fire, mind of ice.