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Brentt James Arcement

Brentt James Arcement

Brentt James Arcement, Born November 20, 1973 in New Orleans Louisiana. Born into a musical family, Brentt's father Ronnie was a well known drummer in and around the south. Ronnie recorded many records with Allan Tousaint at Sea Saint Studios in New Orleans, as well as playing drums with the great Lee Dorsey.

Brentt grew up around music his entire childhood. Watching his dad on gigs as well as in the studio, from the age of 4, Brentt knew he was going to be a drummer. Having the opportunity to play with Lee Dorsey at the age of 10 at the Jazz and Heritage festival in New Orleans, the path was set.

All through his youth, playing in the family garage, and finally on to the marching and jazz band in high school, Brentt really started to develop his chops and feel. Having grown up with the elements of that heavy New Orleans street beat, Brentt came into his own creating his stylistic approach to playing drums.

By the age of 16, Brentt had already recorded 2 studio EP'S of his own material, writing, producing, and performing the entire records on his own. Producing was always a love for Brentt, even at an early age. Having played the piano as well, Brentt would break down the elements of his favorite songs, and try to recapture what he thought would work in the material aside from what was on record.

Relocating to Southern California at the age of 20, Brentt got the opportunity to audition for 90's pop princess Fiona Apple,which Brentt would go on to tour with for a year. From this point on Brentt James Arcement established himself as a prolific Drummer, Writer, Producer and Singer having played with such bands as JADED/featuring Tina Yothers – PHOEBES PHROWN – LIVE – ADAM & THE WEIGHT – ED KOWALCZYK – PAPER ST. - THE BULLETBOYS – THE BLACK MOLLY'S - THE NEW BLACK 7 - SCARLET CRUSH - THE MORAL GROOVE - GABE ROSALES – FIONA APPLE - Sci-Fi Lullaby - Megan Slankard As well as 10 full studio albums and countless sessions.

Brentt's work has also been featured on many television shows including (Surviving History – History Channel – CSI New York – CSI Miami – MTV – VH1) as well as famed commercials such as (HIP-HOP ABS – SLIM IN 60 – BETTER TRADES – 6 WEK BODY MAKEOVER)

Brentt has accomplished great things in his tenure as a musician and there is lots more to come!!!!!