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Brenden Dane

Brenden Dane

Independent Artist/The Cinema Story (Drummer)

Brenden Dane, a newly Soultone Cymbal endorser, has been drumming since the age of 8. Along with percussion, he plays guitar, bass, keyboard, piano, trombone, tuba, baritone, trumpet and he sings. He built an in-home studio from the ground up, manages a YouTube channel where he showcases his drum covers, full band covers, and features other local artists from around his music scene. Along with music, he is currently starting up his own company that specializes in making MIDI controllers, and PVC Drums. In fact, his current drumset he built from scratch, which is also PVC pipe.


My Soultone Set: 

14" Extreme Series Hi-hats
21" Extreme Series Crash
22" Extreme Series Crash
22" Extreme Series Ride
16" Extreme Series China

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