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Brayden Durack

Brayden Durack

Silence Of Death/Alex Decicco

Brayden Durack was born August 6th 2000 in Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada. Being raised on bands like Metallica, Slayer and Slipknot it was only a matter of time he started playing heavy music. Starting off as the guitar player in Silence Of Death (hard rock/groove metal based in Thunder Bay Ontario.) Playing guitar in the band just didn’t seem to work and they already had a drum kit for whoever was to play drums. Brayden spent many hours working on his technique and his sound over the next 6 months before finally playing the first show with the band. Since then the band has gained a small following and is looking forward to the return of live shows

Brayden is also a session drummer for Alex Decicco and has recorded drums and guitar on his single “Soft Bread"

Here are some links to hear his work
Silence Of Death Facebook page:
Silence Of Death mourning faith (live):
Soft Bread (also available on all major streaming platforms):

For me, as soon as I put my Soultone Cymbals on my drum kit I knew there was something different about them, It just felt right! No other brand has come close to the quality and joy I've had while playing these cymbals.
Soultone has so much variety when it comes to their cymbals and my personal choice (the Abby 4 piece set) have such versatility, I can go from playing death metal to smooth jazz and they would still sound great! I personally think other drummers should try them because they have that feel and sound you've been looking for.

My Soultone Set: 

4 Piece Abby Pack
20" Ride
18" Crash
16" Crash
14" Hi Hats