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Braulio Juarez

I was born in Van Nuys, CA. I have always been into music. My mom would tell me that when I was still in the womb, if there were loud music, I’d move like crazy to the point where she’d be embarrassed because of it. My parents got married when I was about 2 or 3 and in their wedding video, you see me air drumming using straws. They’d tell me that I’d always carry them with me, as if they were drum sticks. My parents would tell me that I’d run off to watch a band down the street practice. To the point where the whole band knew me and my parents knew where to find me on Tuesdays. I got my first drum kit at the age of 11. My buddy’s neighbor gave him a burgundy colored First Act kids drum kit. I’d constantly go over just to play his kit. Then finally, we traded, my MP3 for the kit. We were both happy. Shortly after getting the kit, my dad gave me a CD of the Spanish rock band Maná. Album “Revolución De Amor” (Revolution Of Love) Right from the first track I heard, I fell in love. That’s when I knew what kind of set up I wanted to play. I’d set it up just like Maná’s drummer, Alex Gonzalez. Since then, I’ve always looked up to him when it comes to my music and drumming. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be the drummer I am today. The first song I ever learned on the drums was their song “Angel De Amor” (Angel of love). Right off the bat, I’d practice literally every day after school for about 3 hours. I’m a self taught drummer because of Maná. Till this day, I learn everything by ear. I still don’t even know how to read music. By the age of 15, I joined my first band, that’s where I got into heavier music. Genres like post hardcore, metal core, screamo, alternative, etc. If it had clean vocals and screams, I’d listen to it. Joining that band made me practice 3x as harder and had to get my first double bass pedal. It was a cheap Sound Percussion double bass pedal. Since getting that double pedal, I started listening to so many different bands, learning, improving, practicing up to 4 hours a day. Since then, I’ve been in about 7 different bands, been on tour, played in big venues, been on the radio, had the opportunity to play on tv, and have played with probably over 100 musicians. Getting this endorsement has been my biggest achievement in my drumming career. And this is only the beginning. Thank you Soultone Cymbals!

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