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Brandon Doughty

Since buying his first drum set at the age of 11, Brandon Doughty has been playing shows throughout New England since the age of 12. Brandon has shared the stage with many notable bands throughout his playing career such as Emmure, God Forbid, Within the Ruins, The Agonist, Last Chance to Reason, Sparks the Rescue, The Bunny The Bear, and Us, From Outside, among many others. Brandon is known for his hard-hitting, fast-paced drum style. He plays in multiple bands with genres ranging between Metalcore, Deathcore, Hardcore, Mathcore, Math Rock, Post Hardcore, and Speed Metal.

Brandon has a passion for learning new drum techniques and enhancing his talents. He draws his inspiration from drummers such as Derek Roddy, Mike Mangini, Flo Mounier, Danny Carey, Aaron Kitcher, Aaron Stechauner, Matt Greiner, Kevin Boutot, Alex Rudinger, Matt Halpern, Matt Garstka, and Alexandre Pelletier. Brandon is constantly on the lookout for new drummers that he can learn from and gain inspiration.

Brandon’s current bands include 30 Seconds GO!, The Sharks Megabyte, Weak Willed, and Never Odd or Even. Check them out on Facebook and Instagram. Brandon’s projects are consistently releasing new music across multiple genres for all to enjoy!

The first difference I noticed when I received my Soultone Cymbals were their beauty and craftsmanship. They were some of the first cymbals that made me think "I need to play these!" as soon as I saw them. The second difference was their unique sound and quality. Every cymbal had their own purpose and sound. In the past, I used cymbal brands that sold cymbal packs but each cymbal sounded pretty similar to one another. With Soultone, I know I'm able to get a variety of notes and sounds within each cymbal which has helped my dynamics while writing new material.
Drummers should try Soultone Cymbals because their quality and sound are unmatched. Soultone has a wide variety of handmade Turkish cymbals so that drummers of all genres can find cymbals perfect for their distinct style. Hard-hitting drummers will love the durability of Soultone Cymbals. I play heavy genres of music which require lots of hard-hitting drumbeats and I'm proud to say that my cymbals still look as though I just took them out of the box.
Soultone Cymbals has not only helped me achieve a performance sound that I can be proud of, they've also helped me connect with a multitude of talented drummers that I can learn from and collaborate with. The Soultone community includes drummers from all genres and backgrounds with plenty of knowledge and technique to pass on. Soultone Cymbals as a company has always been quick and responsive to help me meet my needs. It feels great to know that when I reach out to Soultone I will be able to connect with a brand that wants to assist me with being the best I can throughout my performance career.

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