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Bob Levey is the son of Bop drummer Stan Levey who pioneered the original Charlie Parker and Dizzy Gillespie groups in the mid 40's and then went on to play with every major star in the music business from that period.

Bob in the 60's studied with many well-known drummers, Chuck Flores, Jazz drummer studio great, Mitch Peters, Principle of the L.A. Philharmonic, to name a few.. Bob went on to play with Jeannie Brown for a yearlong engagement at The Rainbow Bar & Grill on the Sunset Strip and also recorded with her for the dance show "Boss City". She was one of the main stars of the Musical "Hair" in Hollywood California. He has played with Charlie Albertine (American Bandstand Theme), Jimmy Espinosa from "Thee Midnighters", Phenias Newborn Jr., Big Mamma Thornton, Joyce Dewitt from the show “3's a Company”, Duke Mitchell singer, song writer, actor "Make The World Go Away", Bobby Nutcoff violin player with The Electric Flag Orchestra, and Neil Young's band Crazy Horse , along with many well-known rhythm & Blues players and section players. He played in a great young jazz group for about a year and a half with some young players who went on to have great careers, one being Ted Nash Jr. who performs with Wynton Marsalis in the Jazz At Lincoln Center Orchestra. Also in that band was Randy Kerber jazz pianist and Hollywood film composer and arranger,also Los Angeles and Portland jazz pianist Phil Goldberg and many more.

Before giving up playing music professionally to raise his family, Bob performed in many clubs in the L.A. area; "The It Club", "Marty's on the Hill", "Gazzari's", "Pandora's Box", "The Troubadour" etc.

Levey has also contributed to the world of Hip-Hop, most notably being sampled on the platinum selling "When the Shit Goes Down" by Cypress Hill and De La Soul's "Intro" on the hit CD "Buhloone Mind State". Bob recorded the original tune titled "Deep Gully" with the progressive Latin Blues group of the 60's "The Outlaw Blues Band". Other groups that have used this funky cut include Akinyele and Breakestra.

Bob is back on the drum throne again, since being back he has played gigs from the in Aspen at the St. Regis, to Summer Festival concerts for Jazz Aspen Snowmass most notably "The Ten Spot Series" at The Thunder River Theater in Carbondale, and also performed at the Glenwood Springs Summer of Jazz Festival. Bob split the bill with Artt Frank, drummer with Chet Baker for 20 yrs, for a tribute to Stan Levey, his father.

Bob also produced a series of concerts that featured the arrangements of Cannonball Adderley's from his version of "The Fiddler on the Roof" and performed this for Jazz Aspen Snowmass and at the Wheeler Opera House….

Bob Levey and his "Intervention Band" released the CD "Homey" in around May 2010. Homey is straight from the heart. It reached #7 on the Roots & Cash Box Charts for 5.5 weeks and was in the top 20 for over 6 months….

He is currently backing up Buenos Aires sensation “Josefina Mendez” with Tim Fox co-Creator of “the Intervention Band” Playing 4 nights a week at the Hotel Jerome in Aspen Colorado.. The band is getting ready to do a tour and cd very soon…

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