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Born Jan, 12th 1974, I fell in love with drumming at an early age of 9yrs old mimicking drummers from MTV’s top 10 video countdown (mostly 80s bands) with pillows and silverware, occasionally seeing my older cousins band practicing and he taught me my 1st ¼ beat!! I was hooked, I was accepted into 5th grade school band but my parents couldn’t afford the snare drum, My music teacher Mrs. Baird believed in my talent so much she put on a fundraiser at school and bought me my 1st snare drum, (which I still own today LUDWIG!!!)
I became 1st chair snare within a year and remained 1st chair into high school. My mother bought me my 1st drum kit at the age of 14 against my fathers wishes for 200$ (1968 5 piece Ludwig rockers blue sparkle, with all zildjian cymbals) after practicing and learning 3 albums from start to finish of some of my most influential bands. 1st DIO (Holy Diver) 2nd TESLA (Mechanical Resonance) 3rd Queensryche (Operation Mindcrime) I formed my 1st band VOYEUR (80s rock) shortly after, playing parties and small shows until put drumming aside in high school to focus on sports! And joined the Navy right out of high school. I played in the Navy Band for a yr at 1st chair snare, before falling in love with 1st chair quads.
After returning home in 1996, I acquired a cb700 kit cheaply to test the waters and possibly create some great music, that fell through and I decided to sell and forget about my drumming, Fortunately 2 days before the sale I was approached By Ralph Barnette (from my high school band Voyeur) and Barry Sams who were very serious in creating some nu-metal original material, which led to Truth of Sorrow that has now become REPLIKA!!!
1. Neil Peart-Rush, for his amazing styles and skill
2. Danny Carey-Tool, technical fills, grooves
3. Morgan Rose-Sevendust, killer kick, snare combos
4. Carmine and Vinnie Appice, tom rolls and fills
5. Vinnie Paul-Pantera, his taste and technical metal grooves
6. Tommy Lee-Motley Crue, for his show off skills (I like to show off)


Voyeur (80s rock cover)
Abysmal Fate (Metal original)
Truth of Sorrow (Metal original) 2 indy labels, 1 national label
Soul Purpose (rock cover band)
True 2 One (rock original)
Steal Horses (all genre cover band)
Red Eye Gravy (blues, old rock cover band)
Justifyed (80s rock cover band)
Mountain Grove Praise Band (contemporary christian covers)
Skinn Jakkitt (rock original)
Replika (hard rock original)

National artists I’ve opened for

David Alan Coe
Ted Nuggent
George Jones
Lee Roy Parnell
Kenny Chesney
Brett Michaels
Bellamy Brothers

Band/Artist: REPLIKA
Album Title: FACEDOWN
Label: S.J.Studio
Release Date: September 6, 2019
Genre: Hard Rock
Now available on Spotify, iTunes, Pandora and all of your favorite streaming services and inculding physical CD's. We give you "Facedown" our first EP! This EP is a heavy nod to the 90's hardrock/nu-metal genre. Killer vocals, catchy riffs and a presence that will keep you asking for MORE!!

Influences: Sevendust, Godsmack, Disturbed, Fear Factory, Korn, Tool, Rush, Alice in Chains, Creed and many more!!!
Suggested Radio Track: AND I SAID
BIO: Replika was originally named and formed back in 1997 called (Truth of Sorrow), falling in line with the nu-metal and hard rock genres of the time. We had a style and feel of our own to bringing a new dimension to the existing scene. And winning and placing in Artist showcases that lead to multiple Indy labels and eventually a major label. After personal tragedy within the band (loss of a members loved one that forced him to move away) and cost us our first major record deal and national tour. We went silent for many years due to Billy Hamby leaving the band and perusing other musical interests. The remaining 2 members went on to form Skinn Jakkitt which were signed to Tate records and opened for several national artists, all the while building and creating SJ recording studios, Billy Hamby joined Skinn Jakkitt for a year and wrote and performed shows with the band before leaving due to band direction, Now reformed in 2018 after the original member returned to NC and we agreed to record our album that got us signed years earlier just to have a professional copy for ourselves and all original members, Our EP gained so much attention and we still all had amazing chemistry, So we decided to finish what we started so many years ago, but with so much more knowledge and talent and equipment (lol!) we have set anew to blast the scene that was deprived of our music for so long.
Replika is comprised of a complete ensemble that work flawlessly together, writing and unique style that is etched to each of our souls. The music just pours out of us, like there is a unlimted supply. With our major influences coming out of the 90's we feel we have produced songs that will be enjoyed for a lifetime. No one member controls the flow, we all work together to bring what is now Replika. Armed with our new EP Facedown, we hope to be engraved in the music book of life!

Barry Sams (Guitars, songwriting, recording, producing, managing, video production, multimedia creation)
Billy Hamby (Drums, vocals, songwriting, producing)
Jeff Hayworth (Bass, vocals, songwriting)
Anthony Crolla (Vocals, songwriting)
Track LIsting:
1: Facedown
2: Knots
3: Delusions
4: And I Said
5: Unreal
6: Pray
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My Soultone Set: 

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