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Billy Hamby

Billy Hamby

Billy was introduced to playing drums early on in life… growing up in Carolina Beach, N.C. He would walk along the boardwalk, stopping & peering in the local clubs, hoping to get a glimpse of the band and particularly the drummer. His next door neighbor “Buddy “ a drummer & friend of the family, would often have parties where live music was played & that’s when he knew that playing drums was what he wanted to do.

The first time he actually got the chance to play drums with a live band was in a church in Winston Salem, N.C. From then on, he knew he was destined to be a drummer.

Billy has played different styles of music, ranging from classic Rock to harder Rock, Blues & R&B to Country. He has also played drums in a Theatre setting, working for the Spencer Theatre Company, in Spencer Mass.

Billy has recorded with Country Artist “Nathan Dean & NQH” on his 2008 debut “Addicted to a Good Time”; you can hear samples at .

Please also check out these other artist that Billy has worked with.

Billy is playing Soultone Cymbals. “I’m very excited about that! They sound so awesome!! They are just simply incredible sounding as they are looking!!!! I play a lot of different styles & these cymbals work well with all of them… Best sounding cymbals I’ve ever played!! Thank you Iki @ Soultone Cymbals!!!!!!!!”