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Bill Whittaker started playing drums at the age of 8. The first set comprised of boxes, garbage cans, and pots and pans. He graduated from there to an old rotted out mixed matched set from a neighbors attic that he transformed into something useable. This helped him to be able to make almost any drum sound good. His first gigs were at the age of 12 and he went on from that point, a self taught drummer with some tips from the school band and marching band, to share the stage with many acts in the northeast region of the US. He is regularly educating himself with books, videos and thru learning from peers, always remaining humble and teachable.

Some of the bands Bill has played with are: Erotic Spine Dance, Canine Christ, S.A.N.E., Defiance Remains, Titanium Black, Stone Dead Forever (A tribute to Motorhead) Mike Phillips and Transformation Syracuse. Bill currently plays at Elim Grace Church in Oswego, NY under the leadership of pastor Bill King and is invited to play other churches and ministry events in the northeast regularly. He also gives lessons. When he's not playing drums, Bill helps the homeless, disenfranchised, less fortunate and handicapped people at The Victory Transformation Center, a ministry he started with his wife Daun in Oswego, NY.

My Soultone Set: 

21" Gospel Ride
14" Gospel Hi Hat Pair
18" Gospel Crash
16" Gospel Crash
10" Gospel Splash

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