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Bhuvanvignesh Vengurlekar

Bhuvanvignesh Vengurlekar

Bhuvanvignesh was introduced to the drums at a very young age. Bhuvanvignesh’s parents recognized his love for music very early on. Their peace and quiet was willingly sacrificed to the sounds of him banging and clanging on anything he could get his baby hands on. As he grew so did his passion for the drums and his love for music.He joined several bands through which he developed his talent and started touring all over INDIA with his project gaining recognition and later started touring with various Bollywood based singers across various country. Bhuvanvignesh a.k.a #

BhuvieGroovie was born and raised in Mumbai,India. Growing up in a family of music lovers , he was heavily influenced by all types of music and since the age of 10 he has been pursuing his passion for the drums. His love for drumming grew with time and was highly influenced by both modern and Classic drummers such as Dennis Chambres, John Blackwell to Benny Greb and Gavin Harrison which helped him play for
various Bollywood, Indie Projects and Sessions. Bhuvanvignesh’s career to date has been nothing short of extraordinary and we can only expect a whole lot more

My Soultone Set: 

21” Gospel Ride
18" Heavy hammered Crash
17” FXO12 Crash
17” NaturalCrash
6” Gospel Splash
8” Natural Splash
14” Natural Hi Hat